STEM and Gifted Education Conference 2016


STEM and Gifted Education Conference 2016


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STEM and Gifted Education Conference 2016 by The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, will be held on Dec 09-10, 2016. The theme is "Nurturing Talents in STEM : Policies and Practices".

Galaxy Scientific Group will deliver a 30-min presentation on Dec 10 afternoon, together with esteemed speakers from China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, UK and USA.

Director Savio Fong will be the speaker, topics is "Road to Astronomy 建設天文之路", and will share the view on how to vitalize STEM education and how this shapes the industry constitution of next generations of Hong Kong.

Savio Fong, founder of Galaxy Scientific Group, since 1995 he has established over 30 astronomical facilities in East Asia, for universities and research institutes in the region. In 2010 Savio Fong established the 6th highest observatory in the world, at 5100m altitude in western Tibet, for Taiwan University, and a fully automatic observatory for Galaxy Scientific Group 1 year afterward, which can be operated from Hong Kong for scientific observations.

With technical school’s background together with formal grammar school and university engineering education, in additions to decades of practical experience, Savio Fong is a specialist on astronomy systems, including assembling & manufacturing instrument parts, system integration of optics, electronics, machinery, software as well as civil construction. A live example of STEM.

In the past 2 decades, Savio Fong has developed different curriculum and workshops on astronomy for more than a hundred schools and organizations to promote popular astronomy.

The presentation will cover mainly 4 sections:

1. An introduction of Galaxy Scientific Group

2. How I pursue my career in astronomy and the integration of engineering skill (Technology & Engineering) with astronomy (Science & Mathematics) to establish different national class astronomical facilities in East Asia.

3. Experience Sharing: some curriculum & workshop we have done under different circumstances in Hong Kong as well as overseas.

4. Our view on how to vitalize STEM education and how this shapes the industry constitution of next generations of Hong Kong.
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