New APM-Riccardi Universal Apo Flattener 1.0x

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New APM-Riccardi Universal Apo Flattener 1.0x


社長 » 2016-01-13, 15:38

Model 1 for Apos up to 140 mm Aperture 已經出貨了 8-) ... m-aperture

Our new, universal Flattner for all Apo Telescopes from 150 mm Aperture, calculated by Riccardi, like our best known APM-Riccardi Apo-Reducer. Our new Flattner offers a generous Backfocus from Thread to Focus over 90 mm, so all Accessories like Filter Wheels are useable.

Technical Informations:

- Image Circle without Edge Vigneting 60 mm
- Backfocus from Thread Bodyend to Focus over 90 mm
- Thread to Focuser M82 x 1 OD Thread
- Thread to Camera Side M68 x 1 ID Thread
- Outer Diameter of Housing 80 mm
- no change of focus position
- fixed back focus
- working on all apos with 160 mm back focus and minimum 2.5" focuser
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